PK Design Lab Tactical Pen - Executive

PK Design Lab Tactical Pen - Executive

Extremely ridgid structure - designed to claim the title of Ultimate Tactical Writing Tool
A Functional Art Instrument - Which is virtually indestructible due to the Super - Strength construction
Precision CNC Mill machined and Hand Polished Prior to all chemical finishes
Metal parts coated with ultimate robust PVD (Physical vapor deposition) for EXTREME durability
Cartridges by Fisher Pen Company space pen for smooth, effortless, reliable in any circumstances writing on almost any surfase
The super-hand Stainless Steel material of Cap-Cone / Rear-Tip is shaped / designed to maximize impact and resist deformation
Patent-pending advanced ergonomics - the bezel incut pattern scooped design provides an unprecedentedly comfortable, rock-solid secure grip
Patent-pending unique body cuts design allows for a superior anti-slip function with an inimitable sleek style

This rugged, tough, stylish tool will provide you with: 
A functional incomparable writing experience
A tactical advantage in emergency situations

Available now in SupremeCo.

Please e-mail to for overseas enquiry. 

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