Gear setup for 3 Gun Sport

The Sport Shooting 3 Gun Gear Setup

3Gun Gear setup is Freestyle, the only limitation is the gun holster angle, cannot use the back draw holster.  
(Not recommend to use IPSC speed draw holster which lock is not as secure and may easily fall by hitting or running)


(below picture)

  • Safariland Holster ProFit #579
  • Safariland Outer Belt #032 / Inner Belt #030
  • Safariland Shotshell holder #086, suggest quantity 2 sets, carry at least 8-12 shotshells, depends on the course of fire.
  • Safariland Pistol Magazine Pouch #771, suggest quantity 2 sets, carry at least 2 magazines.
  • Safariland Rifle Magazine Pouch #774, suggest quantity 2 sets, carry at least 2 magazines.

Besides the rig, there are other gears which you may carry :

(below pictures)

  • Ear-Plug (picture shown : SureFire Ear Pro)
  • Gloves (picture shown : Oakley gloves)
  • Shooting Sunglasses (picture shown : Oakley)
  • Ballcap (picture shown : 3 GunNation logo Ballcap)
  • Arm Sleeves (picture shown Kryptek Sleeves UVF50+ )
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Mosquito / insect repellent


(below picture)  Safariland offers completed set of rigs for sport shooting.
 Belt Clip models can be used on other brands' belt.


The Belt Clip models fits on most belts, including other brands' competition belt.


Safariland ELS Equipment Locking System

Besides the above belt clip, you can also choose ELS Equipment Locking System.

ELS is the innovative design for sport shooting gear.

There are holes on the Safariland #032 belts which is used for the ELS receivers.
The beauty of the ELS allows you to swtich pouches and accessories FAST and EASY.


The ELS receivers mount on the #032 belt.  The magazines pouches are mount with ELS forks.


ELS receivers can be mount in 90 degree / 45 degree.

(below picture)  Bryant Yu, 3 Gun Trainer uses the Safariland ELS.   Bryant shoots IPSC / USPSA / 3 Gun, one set of belt can be easily switch for different shooting sports.


Safariland ProFit Holster #579

You may use different guns  : Glock, M&P, CZ, 1911, STI.....but, do you carry more than one holster ?
Just bring one Safariland ProFit 579 holster ! it fist many different pistols.


The below Youtube video shoes Bryant Yu using the Safariland #579 holster, the quick draw time is as fast as speed draw holster.



The belt clip fits different width of belt.



(below picture) The original Safariland ProFit 579 comes with Belt Clip which fits different width of belt.


(Below picture) Safariland ProFit 579 first with Mid Ride universal belt loop #6070UBL 


(Below picture) Safariland ProFit 579 first with Low Ride universal belt loop #6075UBL


(Below picture) Safariland ProFit 579 first with USPSA Kit, allows adjust different angle and height using the balljoint adjustment.




Safariland Shotshell holder 086
It may be the best shotshell holder.   It holds the shotshell securely and easy to quick draw the shotshells.
Hit the shotshells hard, it won't fall off !


Competition Belt

Safariland Outer Belt #032 / Inner Belt #030 
Inner belt is worn inside the belt loop.
Outer belt is mount with all pouches.
The set of outer/inner belt allow you to take off the whole set of pouches by just removing the outer belt.  Quick and Easy.



Besides the rig, looks good is the key of enjoying 3 gun sport

(Below picture) 3 Gun Ball Cap


(below picture) Kryptek pants, very well comments from customers, specially made for Asian.   The fabric material is 60% cotton / 38% polyester / 2% lycra which is comfortable for Asian humid and hot weather.  The cutting is specaily made for Asian size.   It is highly recommeneded to wear for shooting in hot and humid weather.




Shooting Gloves

During Reloading or shooting, the shooting gloves provides protection avoid the heat from the barrel or scratch on the firearms



Highly recommended wearing waterproof boot


【Reference websites】
Supreme Co.
First Tactical

3 Gun Nation Asia
3 Gun Nation US

©All Rights reserved, All photos by Kevin Chau

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